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Our services

We offer a wide range of design services at different intensities and price ranges. We are available to guide, inspire and take the stress from creating your perfect home or commercial space.


We feel it is very important to get to know our clients a little before we start turning their homes upside down. To really grasp your lifestyle and design requirements, we provide a free consultation service either face to face, over the telephone or through video chat. This way, you'll have an insight to the way we work and if it is fitting to your needs.

Room Refresher

The name says it all! We simply add life to a dated or plain space. To give a rough idea, we usually suggest new decor features to change the over all feel of a room, eg: colours, textures, lighting and soft furnishings. We will analyse the space, source new furnishings and decor, then set it up beautifully for you.  

This is a small scale project, both quick and affordable.

Organisation & Storage Solutions

Sick of clutter? Need a fairy to come and help you clear out your things.. We can help.

As well as Interior Design, we focus on improving the function of a home. Whether that means clearing out a guest room, a garden and garage, or reorganising your wardrobe.. We provide a service to clear, clean and order your space. We understand that you don't always have the time or patience to do these things, and with our love for all things neat and tidy, we enjoy restoring or creating a fresh environment. 

Complete Design Service

Every client is different, and we are happy to take on projects big and small. Our complete design service includes: 

  • Consultation 
  • Design Proposal - where we will present visuals and plans, discuss our options and decide on a finalised concept.
  • Implementations - Discuss the timescale, estimate pricing, organise deposits, discuss the necessary tradespeople needed and products to be ordered.
  • Organise Timescale
  • Product research, sourcing and buying
  • Support throughout project

Online Consulting

We offer an online consulting service where we can help with any design needs over video calls, telephone and email. A typical client could range from an individual needing some inspiration, to a complete renovation plan. We would require some visuals of your space, then we can discuss your ideas and further expand into different concepts, and help you bring your dreams to life. 

This service can be as simple as a quick lesson on interior decoration, or expand into a complete design planning service including mood boards, floor plans, product research and excess to our range of product discounts. It depends how far you wish to explore..

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